Vehicle Exchange Program

    The Vehicle Exchange Program is a vehicle replacement program allowing you to upgrade to a safer, more reliable vehicle with     similar or even lower monthly payments. 

    Based on current incentives, special financing and Reynolds Ford discounts, you may be in an excellent position to exchange     your current vehicle for a brand new or pre-owned vehicle with less miles, more warranty and better fuel economy. 

    Our vehicle exchange specialist, Derrick DeBoef, knows the three things that concern a customer the most; having a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, achieving the lowest monthly payment possible and having little to no down payment at closing. We can often accomplish all three goals with our Exchange Program.


    Benefits of the Vehicle Exchange Program 

  • Above market value for your vehicle 
  • Similar or lower monthly payments 
  • Better Financing Terms
  • Longer and more comprehensive warranties
  • Better MPG, lower fuel costs
  • Reduced maintenance and reapair costs
  • New and improved safety, security and technology


    To get more information about your Vehicle Exchange Options CONTACT US with the form below or call us at 309-731-4505.

*Sale or trade-in required. Negative equity must be paid or refinanced and down payment may be required. Not all customers will qualify for this program.